Catastrophe is five minute documentary exposing the acute crisis that cat shelters face in the United Kingdom with regards to rehoming cats.

“I’m having to turn away eight to twelve cats every day; vets call us saying if we don’t take them they’ll be put down. But what are we supposed to do when we can’t re-home them? It’s very sad.”

– Animal Rescue Worker, ‘Cats in Crisis’ Welwyn Hatfield Times, 3 October 2012.

Cats are being improperly treated across the country. Abandoned, malnourished and dumped, their only hope is the cat shelter. Yet these shelters face an acute crisis. They are operating at maximum capacity, taking in far more animals than they can re-home. Many are having to turn away animals every day. But why is this happening now and what is the solution for this crisis?

Catastrophe: The Future of Felines in Britain

Cats Protection Bernard Till

The Scratching Post Susan Delaney

Little Cottage Rescue Pamela Price

Cat and Kitten Rescue Viv Fowler

Camera Emma Peirson-Hagger

Sound Matthew Buckner

Producer Amanda Gardner

Director & Editor Tariq Chow